Family test

DNA test


The DNA test is a test that analyzes DNA information from chromosomes of two or more individuals to determine the genetic relationship, thereby determining the blood relationship. This is the most accurate method of determination available today.

Interview of Colonel Ha Quoc Khanh - Former director of the DNA assessment center, former deputy director of the Institute of Criminal Science - Ministry of Public Security

Service at Gentis

Voluntary pedigree DNA test (at-home test):

- Paternity;

- Grand Paternity;

- Siblings;

Legal DNA test

Single Party testing - Card holder's GEN identity card, the trend of the future.

Types of sample

  • Normal samples: Blood samples, oral mucosa, hair with legs, fingernails/toenails, umbilical cord...
  • Special samples: Bones, teeth, cigarette butts, toothbrushes, chewing gum, condoms, underwear....
  • For more: Instructions for collecting DNA samples


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  • Customers can collect samples at home and send them to GENTIS - for detailed instructions, call 1800 2010 immediately.
  • GENTIS supports on-site sample collection for customers (especially for administrative procedures)
  • Customers can go directly to GENTIS for detailed advice and quick samples. (See GENTIS sampling points nationwide)


Reason to test at Gentis


  • A testing center needs to be invested in modern machinery and technology to perform on-site testing. GENTIS invests more than 2 million USD for each DNA laboratory with equipment and procedures according to the report of FBI - USA on DNA examination.
  • Samples are analyzed directly at the GENTIS laboratory. Results can be delivered in 4 hours
  • GENTIS international laboratory is evaluated in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO15189 standards to ensure that the testing process is accurate and confidential. Currently, most DNA laboratories in Vietnam do not operate according to ISO because to be ISO accredited, the equipment must be periodically maintained and re-calibrated by experts to ensure the accuracy of the equipment. The new analysis results are accurate. This periodic maintenance will save a lot of money, so other centers often ignore it. The ISO operation of analytical samples must be coded with barcodes for management in the analysis stages to avoid sample confusion as well as customer information security.
  • With an international standard laboratory system, GENTIS test results have been accepted in most developed countries.
  • The genetic information from generation to generation has a mutation rate, in order to draw accurate conclusions, it is necessary to have statistics on the genetic frequencies of the Vietnamese gene loci. Gentis has been able to calculate genetic frequencies from more than 50,000 cases over the past 10 years. The results were read and concluded by Colonel Ha Quoc Khanh - Judicial examiner, former director of the DNA assessment center, former deputy director of the Criminal Science Institute of the Ministry of Public Security. People who have more than 25 years of experience in DNA testing will ensure that the results are 99.999999998% accurate and accepted by the authorities.
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