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  1. Register for a test call 1800 2010
  2. Receive a sample collector including: ID card, code, sample collector
  3. Self-collection of samples at home (with detailed instructions and sample collection, sampling saliva or oral mucosa)
  4. Send the sample to GENTIS and wait for the results

Genetic analysis results and personalized recommendations just for you are available on the portal

MYG-WELLNESS - Nutritional genetic testing

As you know, the determining factor of your weight is the balance between the calories input and output. This balance is controlled by your surroundings and your nutritional genome.

• The nutritional genome determines the inherent weight of the body, by the effects of fat burning or the food groups you choose, as well as affecting taste and how fat is distributed in the body.
• Environmental factors include your lifestyle and how you control your weight, such as diet and exercise.
• For each person, the level of influence between the environment and genes on the body is not the same.

>> Understanding genetic background and applying it to lifestyle is very important. myG-Wellness is a genetic test that is closely related to your body's nutrition and fitness, helping you understand your ability to absorb nutrients and exercise.

Who should take the test

  • People who want to gain and lose weight.
  • People who want to play sports that are suitable for themselves, want to limit injuries in practice.
  • Everyone has the desire to improve health, improve physique.


myG-Wellness provides you with nutrition and training tailored to your genotype for best results:

  • Personalize nutrition, exercise and caffeine information based on your genotype.
  • The 8-week workout regimen is designed around your genetic results and goals.
  • A wide variety of foods to suit your genotype, height, weight, and current activity level.
  • The myG-Wellness portal turns your genetic information into action – always with you: diaries, shopping lists, recipes and valuable articles.

myG-Wellness Test at Gentis

myG-Wellness Test that analyze nutrition and fitness-related genes include:

  • Overweight, obesity, exercise capacity, muscle groups, risk of insomnia.
  • The gene groups analyzed included: FTO, LIPC, PPARG, APOA5, FADS1, MTIF3, ADIPOQ, ACTN3, AGT, IL-6, COL1A1, COL5A1, AMPD1, PPARGC1A
  • Additional risk of caffeine-induced insomnia: CYP1A2, ADORA2A, AHR, CYP1A1 và CYP1A2

The report will include the results of the genetic analysis, the implications of the results and recommendations

- Online portal: Help customers make a list of dishes of the week, exercise regimen, diary and track the implementation process

- Mobile application: Focus on diet and nutrition.

- Test sample: Oral mucosa or saliva

- Time to return results: 4-6 weeks

- Technology: Sequencing 600,000 SNPs on Microarray platform combined with GWAS technology to study the correlation between genes and traits in the population.

- Equipment: the US iScan-illumina gene sequencing system.

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