Research and development at GENTIS

Research and development at GENTIS

As a pioneer in genetic testing in Vietnam, GENTIS always focuses on research and development activities, in order to continuously improve the quality of available services in parallel with building and launching new services. pioneer to "increasingly improve the physical and intellectual quality of Vietnamese people."


GENTIS Closely linked with medical professionals and facilities

GENTIS works closely with institutions, hospitals, leading experts in the field of genetics and genetic diseases, and uses genetic analysis as tools to support research and control. cure. Therefore, the orientation process of GENTIS is often highly practical and meaningful in the implementation process, contributing to improving the quality of health services.

GENTIS closely connects with leading experts such as: PGT. Dr. Phung Thanh Huong, Assoc. Dr. Vu Ba Quyet, Associate Professor. Dr. Tran Van Khoa…

GENTIS testing center has top modern facilities

GENTIS is proud of its complete and modern facilities, ready for the research process as well as the product improvement process. Therefore, GENTIS products and services are used on the principles, techniques and modern technological equipment in the world, using the advantages and eliminating the inherent disadvantages caused by using old technologies. 

Scientific Council and Competent, passionate and experienced staff

GENTIS is proud of its highly qualified, skilled, passionate and knowledgeable staff of technological and technical advances, constantly updating new knowledge of the industry in the world. In particular, GENTIS always has a Scientific Council with experts who are leading researchers such as:

  • Assoc. Dr. Trinh Dinh Dat - Excellent teacher Trinh Dinh Dat - Former Dean of the Department of Genetics, Vice Dean of the Department of Biology - University of Natural Sciences - Vietnam National University, Hanoi.
  • Colonel Ha Quoc Khanh - Former Deputy Director of the Institute of Criminal Science - Ministry of Public Security…

Close association with foreign partners

In addition to professional support from a team of leading doctors and experts in the country, GENTIS also receives technical support from foreign partners with a team of experienced and reputable experts. international credibility.  

Orientation and implementation

Promoting inherent strengths and constantly innovating, accessing scientific and technical achievements in the field of genetic analysis of the world, GENTIS determines and has a long-term orientation in the field of genetic analysis and genetic analysis. genetic support in health. GENTIS actively researches and develops services towards:

  • Assisted Reproductive
  • Analysis of genetic diseases
  • Cancer screening
  • Applications of genetic analysis in transplantation
  • Develop and deliver genetic analysis services to aid in transplantation and post-transplant performance monitoring

GENTIS has been focusing on deploying, receiving, researching and developing test lines:

  • Preimplantation Genetic Disease Analysis Tests (PGT-M): the tests already in service include the PGT-M for Alpha-Thalassaemia, Beta-Thalassaemia, and Myelodystrophy (SMA)
  • Non-invasive prenatal screening - NIPT: has completed the process of receiving technology transfer from Illumina - becoming Illumina's first and only partner to date in Vietnam for NIPT testing.
  • High-resolution PGT-A- Non-invasive PGT-A- Whole exome sequencing- Detection of cancer mutations for targeted therapy
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of cancer treatment - Micro array
  • Type HLA

“Continuously developing to become a pioneer in the field of genetic testing, applying the most advanced testing technologies” is GENTIS's Mission

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