Testing Center
Gentis - Asia's leading testing center

GENTIS international testing centre is one of the largest testing centres in Vietnam owning top-notch systems from the US, Europe... with recognized international operating standards, including:

    • ISO 9001:2015
    • ISO 15189:2012

GENTIS possesses a system of leading technology equipment from the US, Europe, Korea… such as Next Generation Sequencing; iScan system; Realtime PCR; Sanger sequencing; Flow Cytometry…

GENTIS International Testing Center has been invested synchronously in facilities that include systems to analyse samples according to ISO standard, including extraction room, amplification room, data analysis server. All of them ensure the operating area, standardised equipment and automatic processes to provide accurate results for customers. In addition, the system of reception rooms, consulting rooms, and sampling rooms are reasonably separated, creating a private sector and the best experience for customers.

The genetic analysis at GENTIS provides information for experts in the fields of obstetrics, cardiology, oncology, infectious diseases, haematology-immunology... With the ability to provide analysis with high accuracy and reproducibility, GENTIS international testing centre serves as a trusted place to perform genetic analyses for thousands of customers every year.


GENTIS testing centre gathers a scientific team of doctors, masters, bachelors ... experienced in medicine, pharmacy, biotechnology... who previously worked or been trained at prestigious universities and institutions.

Scientific profile asides, integration training according to GENTIS standards, technology training of the company, training courses of the Ministry of Health, and personnel evaluation and inspection are required with strict outcome standards.


GENTIS strives to reach the latest specialised knowledge. Because of GENTIS focus on research and development, GENTIS has established and invested in the R&D department of the company.

The scientific team regularly participates in training activities, knowledge update conferences such as ASRM (USA), ASPIRE, PGDIS, ESHRE ... Attend and coordinate activities with specialized organizations in the country such as Vietnam France Obstetrics and Gynecology Association, Vietnam Medical Association Genetics Society, Hanoi Society for Reproductive Support, etc. In joint activities, GENTIS International Testing Center also shares research conducted by GENTIS with prestigious domestic units.


Next Generation Sequencing: GENTIS owns the latest NGS system with the capability of sequencing the entire human genome (more than 3 billion nucleotides) with a capacity of nearly 2,000 samples/day.

Real Time PCR technique: Is a technique where the results of amplification of the target DNA are displayed after each thermal cycle of the PCR reaction.

Sanger Sequencing: GENTIS applies automated DNA sequencing and capillary electrophoresis systems to make DNA sequencing faster, more accurate and more efficient.

Flow Cytometry: An innovative technique, used to count, classify cells, and identify biomarkers.

iScan System: The iScan system can scan thousands of array samples per day without loss of data quality or repeatability. Extensive support for analysis of genetic analysis tests, from high-throughput genotyping to analysis of small DNA fragments.

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