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what is Mygenomic?

myGenomic is a gene decoding test of GENTIS - a pioneer in the field of genetic analysis in Vietnam. Over the past 10 years, GENTIS has analyzed nearly 200,000 samples, accompanied many experts, doctors, and scientists in the diagnosis, treatment, and screening of many diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, infertility. infertility, IVF, NIPT...
With the mission of "Improving physical and mental health and Vietnamese people" after years of research and development, in 2020, GENTIS officially launches the myGenomic test - decoding the mystery of genes.

=> myGenomic provides genetic information of 4800 genes for 123 trait-specific traits based on the most comprehensive database of all Asian genetic mutations and variants.


  • → Everyone has a desire to improve health, explore and understand the body.
  • → People who want to have beautiful skin and a balanced, healthy body.
  • → People who want to check the risk of disease and evaluate the overall health of the body.
  • → People who want to check their nutritional needs for essential vitamins and minerals.
  • →People who want to play sports effectively, minimizing injury.
  • → People who want to discover their hidden abilities and maximize those strengths to help them succeed in life.
  • → People who want to know that the body is at risk of allergies and sensitivities to environmental factors and some foods.


- myGenomic decodes and provides detailed information about your genes.

- Make recommendations on the diet, the necessary supplements.

- Provide you with a specific exercise and body care regimen.

- Help you improve personal health, improve quality of life.

- Effective disease prevention.

- Take care of your skin with you...

>> MyGenomic test results help each person discover and understand their body. From there, make plans to make the most of and develop your own genetic potential.


Do you have a special ability that you yourself do not know to develop? Is there some genetic disease inside your body that threatens to develop in the future? Many special things inside your genetic code are waiting for you to discover with myG-Life.

MyG-Life Test Pack
- Analysis of 4800 related genes;
- Comprehensive health assessment with 123 body characteristics;
- Gives 70 indicators on all aspects of health

The myG-Life test package aggregates genetic information related to all conditions:
- Health: General assessment of health status
- Beauty: Offers specific dietary suggestions for weight control and healthy skin.
- Talents: Understanding the body's abilities and maximizing their strengths, applying them in life.
- Sports: Find the most effective exercise regime and minimize injuries.
- Allergies: Understand what factors the body is at risk of allergies to to take preventive measures to ensure safety for health.


  • Audience: Everyone who cares about health
  • Sample: Oral mucosa or saliva
  • Methods: NGS on ISCAN system and US illumina sequencing software.
  • Time to return results: 3-4 weeks
  • Results are returned to customers through the DNA+ application. Download the app for free at the app store. Account provided by Gentis after results are available.

  • Next generation gene sequencing technology: Microarray assay - Illumina, USA
  • Modern equipment meeting American standards: ISCAN-Illumina, USA
  • Big data analysis: sequencing 600,000 variants optimized for Asians, tailor-made for Vietnamese people
  • Applying artificial intelligence: Analyzing results based on GWAS software - genome-wide correlation study to provide information on genetic traits on nutrition, physical fitness, pathology
  • Provides information about individual genomes and traits
  • Recommending and orienting appropriate solutions to optimize quality of life
  • The application returns results in Vietnamese on the phone, making it easy to use and store.


If you still practice hard every day, spend hours taking care of your skin, research and experiment with many menus... all to have a more beautiful body, smooth skin... then the myG-Beauty test package is for you.

MyG-Beauty (Pro) test analyzes 4800 related genes, 123 body characteristics, and offers up to 35 parameters to help evaluate beauty comprehensively.

You receive:

- Proper nutrition helps to keep fit and beautiful skin.

- Helps in understanding and taking effective anti-aging and skin care measures.

- Assess the risk of encountering some common diseases.

- Suggestions on the level of vitamins needed by the body.

MyG-Beauty Advance - Hidden Beauty

Are you taking good care of your body? Are you eating the right foods for your genes? If you care about your body, want to bring out the “beauty latent” genes within – try the myG-Beauty (Advance) test.

MyG-Beauty (Advance) test analyzes 4800 related genes, 123 body characteristics, provides information on 16 indicators of the body's "potential beauty"

You receive:

- Proper nutrition helps to keep fit and beautiful skin.

- Helps in understanding and taking effective anti-aging and skin care measures.

- Assess the risk of encountering some common diseases.


The success of the child depends a lot on the parents. Are there children who are very intelligent when they are young, but they get worse as they grow up? Some children have a very good sense of sound, but there are children with extremely flexible and healthy bodies like sports champions. So you really understand your child's genes to help them develop properly – myG-Kid (Pro) will decode the genes to uncover your child's potential and health.

The myG-Kid (Pro) test analyzes 4800 related genes, 123 body characteristics, and offers up to 33 relevant parameters to assess the most comprehensive assessment of a child's comprehensive development.

From the results of genetic analysis you will get:

- Suggestions for specific foods on the most suitable diet to ensure adequate supply of vitamins and minerals needed for metabolism from an early age.

- Help parents better understand the child's personality, thereby knowing how to raise and behave.

- Finding out children's strengths at a very early age helps parents shape their children's future.

- Understand the potential health risks of children to take measures to prevent or treat diseases.


To help your child grow in the right direction, protect him and give him the right nutrition, you'll need information from myG-Beauty (Advance).

myG-Kid (Advance) test analyzes 4800 related genes, 123 body characteristics, and evaluates 10 parameters related to a child's developmental potential.

You will get:

- Food suggestions to ensure a nutritious diet.

- Discover your body's ability to unleash its full potential early on

myG-Kid Talent

Evaluation of the influence of genes on traits includes:

- Growth potential

- Height

- Musical potential

- Memory power

- Math potential

- Awareness

- Mood disturbances

- Worried

- IQ

- Phonetic ability

- Cognitive abilities

- Creativity

myG-Kid Health

Screening for risk for chronic diseases, including:

+ Obesity

+ Asthma

+ Depression

+ Atopic dermatitis

Evaluate the influence of genes on the body's ability to absorb 12 vitamins, including:

- Vitamin A

- Beta caroten

- B6, B9, B12

- Vitamin D

- Vitamin K

- Vitamin E

- Glucose

- Canxi


To register for a test call now: 1800 2010


GENTIS - Pioneer in the field of GENERAL ANALYSIS

HISTORY: Born in 2010 - GENTIS is a pioneer in the field of genetic analysis in Vietnam.

EXPERIENCE: We've done nearly 200,000 tests.


LARGE LAB: 02 leading modern labs in Hanoi and HCM

EXPERT: GENTIS is accompanied by leading industry experts.

TEAM: GENTIS staffs and technicians were selected for training, underwent many training courses of the Ministry of Health, international firms...


- High accuracy: myGenomic uses genomic analysis platform based on Asian genetic data

- Using modern American technology

- Convenient and safe sampling: using only saliva samples

- Diverse genetic analysis packages with many packages to choose from

- Provide specific solutions for each person

- Reasonable price

- Quick response time: 20 days

GENTIS has a large investment and continuously updates new technologies of the world, always at the forefront of owning leading technology equipment systems from the US, Europe, Korea... such as NGS New Generation Sequencing; iScan system; Realtime PCR technique; Sanger sequencing; Flow Cytometry technique…

At 02 GENTIS Test Centers, thousands of analyzes are performed every day. Genetic analysis provides information for doctors in the fields of obstetrics, cardiology, oncology, infectious diseases, hematology-immunology, etc.

MyGenomic uses microarray technology implemented using the Illumina iScan System. The iScan system can handle thousands of samples per day without loss of data quality or repeatability. Extensive support for analysis of genetic analysis tests, from high throughput genotyping to DNA methylation analysis.

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